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Is Alphas cribbing powers from Misfits?

October 3, 2012

My friend Vince Rotolo (check out his bmoviecast podcast @ lent me the first three season of a British Channel 4 series called Misfits. It’s an interesting take on the superhero genre. The focus of the show is a group of juvenlie delinquents in a work program who got their powers from a freak hail/lightning storm. So, the show is noticably different from Alphas from the initial set-up. Having said that, the Misfits season one finale featured another victim of the storm who had this sort of mass hive-mind control power. By chance, I saw the Misfits episode after the Alphas episode featuring an Alpha with the same kind of power. While I mentally noted the similarity. I didn’t really assign any relevence to it as there is a definite a lot of overlap in power concepts in the superhero genre. Then came the most recent episode where an Alpha baby is dropped off that has the ability to force someone to bond with him. The same concept was used, to much lesser effect in my opinion, in an episode of Misfits as well. Given how novel this power concept is, I am now wondering whether the Alpha’s writers are familiar with the Misfits series. Normally this sort of thing irritates the hell out of me as my wife Diane could tell you and, she didn’t hesitate one second in teasing me about it. However, in this circumstance it really hasn’t. I guess ultimately the two series are distinctly different enough from one another that I am not bothered by a small bit of borrowing. Still, I will be paying attention for similar such power cribbing from Alpahs in the future.


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