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Yet another example of life immitating art

October 7, 2012

So, I just finished up season 2 of Misfits (thanks, again, Vince) and I wanted to look up something about one of the actors in the series before jumping into season 3. For those unfamiliar with the series, the show is about a group of teenagers who are all doing community service work as part of their sentence for various crimes they have committed. During this they all fall victim a freak lightning storm that gives them weird powers and, as my wife would say, hilarity ensues. During the course of my research on a completely different actor I learned that the actress who plays Kelly recently got arrested for assaulting a taxi driver. Ironically, part of her one year sentence is that she also has to do 80 hours of, you guessed it, community service work just like she portrayed in the series…   Well, I thought it was funny.


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  1. I have the first three seasons of this show but have yet to watch it. Definitely on my list for 2013!

  2. I’m just about to start season 3 myself but, so far it has definitely been worth checking out.

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