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Wait, they killed off who?

October 12, 2012

There is some serious spoilerage on Supernatural season 7 coming up so, if you haven’t gotten that far yet you should probably stop reading now.  OK, either you’re already up to date with the series or don’t care, either works for me.  I’m just about at the halfway point of season seven in my end run to catch up to the show real time.  Cas being killed off I knew about from my sister’s complaints last year.  She and her husband are apparently big Castiel fans.  Me not so much.  Then they killed Bobby Singer.  Woah!  Stop the bus.  This totally blindsided me and had a much bigger impact, not just because I didn’t see it coming but because I also liked the character a lot.  So, what are my feelings about them killing off both these major characters this season?  Good.  That’s right, I said good.  While I liked Bobby he did start becoming a bit too much like K-9 in the classic Doctor Who series, basically a character who could fix any problem that needed fixing.  A bit of Castiel’s character was tied up in this sort of thing as well.  Clearing away these two characters takes Sam and Dean back to their roots for a sort of re-start of the series. It will also create stronger episodes by not allowing for a built in crutch for the writers to fall back on.  Another reason I say good is that I respect shows that are willing to take risks like this.  The other good thing is that this will allow for the introduction of some new characters that may, with time, become fan favorites like Cas or Bobby.  It’s sort of like when the Doctor gets new companions now that I think about it.

On a side note, I really wanted to comment on Death’s Door (the name of the episode where Bobby dies) in particular.  I watch Supernatural for pure entertainment value.  I’m not expecting great storylines.  Sometimes the stories are cool but that’s really just icing on the cake as I really watch it more for the characters and the monsters.  Most shows that I watch largely for story are series like Breaking Bad that, while still entertaining, tend to run a little on the thoughtful and intense side as well.  I like edgy, sue me.  This particular episode of Supernatural went deep into Bobby’s backgound and, I have to say was some pretty amazingly intense story telling.  This is an episode of Supernatural that I know I will remember for a long time.  It’s the perfect swan song for one of my favorite characters from the show.


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  1. Yes, they stirred things up with his death. Not so easy for the boys to get the answers. But brace yourself, bigger shocks are in store. I look forward to hearing more from you on this show. My daughter and I have been watching this since day one.

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