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Quality control

October 25, 2012

While I watch a number of currently airing genre (and non-genre) shows, I also catch a number of shows that I managed to miss back when they aired by watching them on DVD.  One particular type of format that I have always had a fondness for, as I mentioned previously, is anthology series.  Unfortunately, this format seems to have largely fallen out of favor as there currently aren’t any such series running that I am aware of.  Fortunately for me, there are a number of series available on DVD that I haven’t seen (or seen in their entirety) yet.  The net result of this is that I’m always going through one such series as part of my regular DVD viewing.  Currently, that series is Ray Bradbury Theater.  This was an HBO/USA Network series that ran for six seasons starting in 1985.  The format is 30 minute episodes (23 minutes, actually) all written by Ray Bradbury.  While I enjoy all of Bradbury’s writing I have read to date, I have to say that the series is a bit disappointing so far, having just started season three.  However, this is not the disappointment that caused me to write today.  The set I got is the complete series put out by Echo Bridge Entertainment and, was purchased during one of Amazon’s annual “Nick just got his income tax refund check so let’s put every genre tv series on sale” sales.  Now, normally I’m not all that picky about the image quality of stuff I watch.  I also like b-movies so, I own a ton of those Mill Creek Entertainment 50 classic genre movie sets which should be, more correctly, called 50 classic genre movies that are public domain or came cheap.  So, image quality has never really been a concern of mine.  As someone who lived through the trauma of a childhood without VCRs, I mostly consider myself lucky to be able to watch this stuff at will in the first place.  However, I’m now starting to understand why some people like Vince and Juan at the bmoviecast are so concerned about the quality of things they watch.  I’ll have to admit I went into this eyes wide open in that I read a number of Amazon reviews that complained about this very issue with this DVD set.  I’ll also admit to kind of totally disregarding it.  For a single movie, putting up with a lesser quality transfer just to be able to see the film was never that big an issue for me but, that’s only for 90 minutes.  The image quality of the Ray Bradbury Theater set is bad enough that after 20 episodes it’s finally started to really get on my nerves.  It won’t stop me from getting through the series but, it is definitely taking away from my enjoyment of it.  The other problem is that I just bought season two of Earth: Final Conflict and it is also published by these guys.  I’m not looking forward to what I’ll find when I eventually get to that one as well.


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