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Misfits series 3

October 29, 2012

ImageJust finished up series 3 of Misfits.  This is a British series shown on Channel 4 in the UK that hasn’t made it across the pond yet.  The basic idea is that a group of kids assigned to do public work as punishment for various offenses get caught in a freak storm that gives them, and apparently everyone else in the area, super powers.  I hesitate to use the term super power as some of them are considerably more useful than others.  Before I go any further I would like to point out that this post is not spoiler free so, if that is a concern, you may not want to read any further.  The third series opened with a cast change.  A character named Nathan who I found extremely irritating was replaced with a new character named Rudy.  In an effort that I would not have believed possible, I found Rudy even more irritating than Nathan, initially.  Over the course of the season, however, Rudy actually grew on me.  This is something that never really happened for me with Nathan.  This was especially the case towards the end of the season where Rudy matured considerably.  One thing I like about this show is that while not all of the characters are likeable, they are still interesting and come with their own very human flaws.  One particular episode I appreciated this season was an alternate reality story line (one of the characters has a time travel power) where the Third Reich won the second world war.  Normally, I find these sorts of things a little cliche but, the way it was handled here really won me over.  First of all, there was a throw away line about this time travel power being given to an older Jewish gentleman who planned to go back in time and kill Hitler with it.  This one-liner in the season openner was presented as a kind of throw away joke so, I was totally surprised when they actually devoted an entire episode to the story.  On top of that, the events that occur when the guy goes back in time and that ultimately change the course of history where handled quite uniquely (with a darkly humorous edge) in a way that would logically allow this sequence of events to work.  There were a few other surprises as well.  One that I was kind of unhappy with was when they killed their new social worker.  This was a character that had been around since the second series and I had grown rather fond of him.  He was this sort of burned out government employee who basically showed up to collect his paycheck and little else.   Even though he was a bit of a stereotype, having done my undergraduate degree at a school run by the government of the state of New York, I didn’t feel the portrayal was completely unfair.  This season ran for eight episodes instead of the standard six and at points it felt like it might be wandering a bit in terms of overall story but, the series finale, which I was completely blindsided by, totally made up for this.  If you are at all interested in shows about the super hero sub-genre this series is definitely worth checking out.  Series one of Misfits is available via Netflix (DVD only, unfortunately) and, while series 2 and 3 are available for purchase, they are not available on Netflix yet for some reason.  Hopefully, a domestic cable channel will pick up the series and run with it.


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  1. Once my DVR gets cleaned up, this is at the top of my to watch list. I know once I finally sit down and start it, I’ll run through the series.

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