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Real time with Supernatural

November 6, 2012

It’s done.  Today I caught up with Supernatural so I can follow it real time now.  Like I said before, this was actually supposed to be a next year project after previously catching up with Leverage this year.  As a side note, if you don’t know about Leverage it’s one of those non-genre shows that I recommend to genre tv fans.  The brief description of the series I use is “The Sting the tv series” but in a modern setting.  It also features a lot of genre tv references (especially Doctor Who) and has Wil Wheaton in an awesome recurring roll with the occasional episode directed by Jonathan Frakes.  Back to Supernatural, I am enjoying the eighth season so far.  They’re doing the standard pit the brothers against each other stuff but, that’s a minor complaint.  I’m glad that they don’t have any sword of Damocles hanging over their head this season.  There is the whole “shut the gates of Hell” arc but, if it doesn’t happen it’s basically things staying normal as opposed to the planet ending.  The episode I have most enjoyed thus far is the found footage werewolf episode.  I’m not as polarized on found footage movies/episodes as a lot of people seem to be.  To me it’s just another story telling tool even though I did think that Cloverfield was an awesome film (but, then again, I’m a huge kaiju fan).  In this case, I thought the use of it worked really well.  I especially liked the opportunity to see how other people react to Sam and Dean when they figure out who they really are (or are not).  I’m also looking forward to next episode because it has Garth in it and I find him a very entertaining character.  While I am happy to be caught up, I still can’t quite shed the feeling of someone who is arriving late to the party again.  Of course, it could be worse, I do have season one of Fringe still sitting on my pile of shame.

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