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My dark secret

November 8, 2012

Somehow these guys lost out to sex.

So, I made a trip out to an old gaming friend’s house a couple weeks back.  He lives in Red Lion, Pennsylvania which is a two and a half hour haul from my place.  This is a good chance for me to blow through a bunch more podcast material than I normally do. I was all caught up on my regular shows so, Kevin Bachelder steared me into a top 100 genre tv shows of all time countdown that the Tuning into Sci-fi Tv people did.  I only got half way through it but, was enjoying it enough to ultimately finish the rest.  In the end, it was a touch anti-climatic because, by process of elimination, I figured out what the final 10 were but, it was still a great listen because of the nostalgia value.  If you want to go through the countdown yourself they are available here:

On the top ten, I realized my hit to miss ratio would be 8 for 10.  The two series that I knew had missed turned out to be the number 8 and 4 ranked series on the countdown.  The number eight show was The X-files.  I had actually tried getting into this a couple of times and have actually seen a reasonably decent number of episodes as a result.  One time was my sister who tried to get me into it right after my divorce in order to “get my mind off of things”.  In reality, she probably wanted me to watch it because, in my younger days, I was a ravenous reader of the occult.  So, I’m pretty sure her real motive was to have me to be able to explain the things she didn’t understand to her.  This show is not the one that I’m embarrassed about as a genre tv follower and fan, though.  That would be the number 4 show which was Farscape.  This was a show I really should have been watching.  My lame excuse is that dating got in the way.  I actually have seen the first four episodes.  A friend of mine named Sharon Caroll who knew I liked genre shows told me about the first four episode marathon that SciFi (and, yes, it was still the SciFi channel at the time) did early on to get people into the show.  So, that’s what I saw.  I remember very much liking it at the time but, somehow life just got in the way of any further viewing.  This is the show that I’m most embarrased about having not seen and is what I consider my dark secret as a genre tv fan.  It’s in my Netflix streaming queue.  I will definitely get to it.  Really.

  1. I missed Farscape when it was on the first time. Unfortunately this never plays on TV anymore but I finally watched the first episode on the plane to Las Vegas a few weeks back. It was free on iTunes and it hooked me. I’m thinking this is a series I need to watch.

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