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Battlestar Galactica strikes back

November 11, 2012

This is a heads up posting to let people know that the pilot for what would have been/maybe the second Battlestar Galactica spin-off series Blood and Chrome is now available for viewing.  SyFy is apparently putting out as ten 12 minute pieces on Youtube.  There, in theory, will also be an airing on the channel itself in February of next year which will presumably occur before the 19th.  The reason I say that is because that is the DVD/Bluray release date for the US that is listed on Amazon at the moment.  I watched the first two episodes and it is definitely worth checking out if you are a fan of the SyFy BG series.  It features a young Adama first entering military service aboard the Galactica ten years into the first Cylon War.  I don’t know what the release dates are for the rest of it but, I will definitely be watching it.  It was nice to also see some references to the other follow on series Caprica.  It was unfortunate that Caprica only lasted the one season as I felt it definitely hit its mark half-way through the first season.  A very vocal contingent of fans hostile to it probably didn’t help Caprica either.  In any case, Blood and Chrome looks pretty impressive so far.  It seems like SyFy may have shelved plans for a series but, who knows.  If it does good enough, especially with DVD sales, we may get some more seasons of Battlestar Galactica after all.

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