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An apology avoided

November 13, 2012

When I started this blog, my intent was to talk about genre shows that I was watching with the hope that it might guide some of the people reading it to look at some of these programs.  What I hadn’t appreciated, at least with the DVD viewing, was that I watch an awful lot of stuff that is not readily available to US audiences.  It is genuinely not my intent to increase the sales of region free DVD players.  Nevertheless, here I was starting a new series I had read about before and that had been recommended to me by a couple of people whose opinions I trust.  Charlie Jade was a series I ordered from Amazon UK.  Actually, I had to order it off of an Amazon UK marketplace seller because, as I learned when trying to order it directly from them, when Amazon UK said it was an Amazon UK exclusive it meant exclusive to UK residents only.  It arrived as I was finishing up Misfits and decided to dive into it next.  Charlie Jade was a Canadian/South African co-production.  It is a multi-universe story where a company called Vexcor has set-up a dimensional doorway between their universe (Alphaverse), our universe (Betaverse) and an idyllic universe (Gammaverse).  I’m not really spoiling anything here, in fact, if you decide to check the series out you’ll probably thank me for the primer.  Alphaverse, while technologically advanced compared to our world, is a dystopian technocracy where companies like Vexcor govern the masses.  Charlie Jade is a private detective from this world who is approached by a lost woman who is confused by the world of the Alphaverse.  This leads him to follow a mysterious figure named 01 Boxer with some pretty bizarre consequences.  The series has a lot of Blade Runner flowing through its veins on the look and feel level.  It is worth a viewing because I can promise you that you’ll have not seen anything else like it on television.  This leads me to the title of this post.  It turns out you do not have to go through the lengths I did to watch Charlie Jade because I recently found out it is available to US viewers on Netflix streaming.  Normally, this would really tick me off as I spent money on a DVD set that I otherwise didn’t really need.  However, I’m very sure I’ll be checking out this series at least a second time if not more so I think the minimal investment was ultimately worth it.  If you are a Netflix subscriber you can check it out for less than I did and decide the value of the series for yourself.

One Comment
  1. Very glad to hear that you enjoy the series Nick.

    If folks want to hear an audio primer for Charlie Jade we have a couple of them available on the Charlie Jade website –

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