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Splitting airs

November 17, 2012

While these guys are cool…

they’re not quite as cool as these two.

So, what do Doctor Who and Leverage have in common?  Well, for starters Leverage has made a bunch of Doctor Who, as well as other genre show, references throughout its run to date.  In fact, season four of Leverage used a Warehouse 13 reference as a bit of foreshadowing about the season finale.  I totally got the reference but, in one of my stupider moments, totally missed the implication of that reference.  What can I say, I have my off days/weeks.  To get back on topic, another thing that the two shows have in common is that they are both doing split seasons this year.  Leverage is traditionally a late summer show but, this year they decided to run the final five episodes of the season from late November through December.  This season of Doctor Who, which started in the fall, took a break after the first five and will resume starting with the Christmas special.  This all popped into my head just the other day when I realized it was getting really close to time for the last half of Leverage.  Normally, I usually have pretty strong opinions on stuff like this but, in this case I’m finding I don’t which is an unusual feeling for me.  On the negative side, there are some shows I strongly associate with a particular time of the year.  The earlier mentioned Warehouse 13 and also Alphas are summer shows to me because that’s always when I have always watched them so, moving them off of that season would be a bit jarring for me.  Breaking Bad was always a spring show for me and, it was equally annoying when it got moved to a summer schedule.  This was even more the case because I watch a lot of shows that run over the summer.  Thank you AMC.  I’m not feeling this so much with Leverage, probably because I have only started watching the show real time with this season.  For Doctor Who, which I have been watching since about the mid 70s, I’ll take whatever and whenever the BBC gives me.  The vast majority of my Doctor viewing was on various PBS stations which ran it pretty much non-stop for a number of years.  The result is that Doctor Who is one of the series that I ultimately don’t have a seasonal association with.  There are other shows that I watch real time that I don’t have a seasonal association with either so, there is probably a content factor here as well.  On the positive side it feels like I get more of my shows.  I know this is totally an illusion, and probably one that the networks releasing the series are looking for, but it works for me.  This positive seriously outweighs any goofy seasonal effective tv disorder I may be suffering from.  So, as long as I get the same number of episodes of the shows that I follow, I guess I’m ok with this whole split season thing.


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