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Did I mention the podcast?

December 1, 2012

Originally, I was going to put up an image from one of the Outer Limits episodes but, this looked way cooler.

A wonderful Facebook post mentioning this blog from my friend Richard Chamberlain reminded me of something I think I forgot to mention here.  First and foremost, Richard has a cool blog as well called Monster Movie Kid.  He watches movies the same way that I watch tv series which is to say his knowledge of movies could be described as encyclopedic.  Richard is also largely responsible for the creation of Fantastic Television.  It was his blog that inspired me to start mine after he announced it on Facebook and, especially, after I read it.  I would recommend that anyone reading this check out his blog, it’s definitely worth it.  So, how do I know Richard?  I know him from a podcast called the B-moviecast which is where I first “met” him as Richard from Witchita.  The B-moviecast is a long running podcast all about b-movies and cult movies which I am also into.  Vince Rotolo, his wife Mary and author Nic Brown are the regular hosts with a group of additional guest hosts.  If you are at all interested in the type of movies that local channels used to show late at night or as part of their horror hosted Saturday programing, you should definitely check out the podcast at:  The other reason to check it out is that I occasionally do an episode as an alternate host where Vince, Mary and I talk about a couple of episodes from the original Outer Limits.  I love anthology series and The Outer Limits is one of my favorites.  And speaking of alternate hosts, Richard also fills in as well.  In fact, check out the most recent episode of the B-moviecast (number 225) where Vince and Rich have an excellent discussion on Kingdom of the Spiders.  Good stuff!


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  1. Thank you for the kind words, from one irregular guest co-host to another!

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