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Same channel next year

December 16, 2012

ImageWith the season finales of Dexter and Homeland tonight, this is traditionally when I think about the shows I’ll be watching for the upcoming winter tv season.  This and the spring season are the two lighter seasons for me each year.  A good amount of the stuff will be the second half of some fall season shows.  Supernatural and The Walking Dead are the two big ones.  The latter will actually be starting in February as opposed to January.  Speaking of February, I will definitley be watching Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome to see it a) in one piece and b) in HD.  Person of Interest will also be starting again in January and, I have to say, had one of the best mid-season breaks I have ever seen.  It really felt like I was watching an issue of the original Shadow magazine.  Amercan Horror Story, with only four episodes left also decided to break for the holidays.  I thought this a bit odd, at first, but quickly came to the realization that FX may have found the idea of a serial killer who wears his victims faces not quite in the holiday spirit.  There is actually even worse stuff than that as far as clobbering the whole Christmas thing but, I want to keep this post spoiler free for those who haven’t seen it yet.  In spirit of the season, I am looking forward to the return of Doctor Who via the holiday special.  I am hoping this will be followed shortly by the remainder of series seven.

As far as shows that actually start in January go, first, there is Shameless which is not a genre show.  Yes, I do actually watch some of those.  It’s an American version of a British series that Diane got me into.  I like it because it reminds me of one of my in-laws who I will call Robert (obviously not his real name).  Frank, for those not familiar with the series, is an alcoholic train wreck of an absentee parent who is pretty much an exact copy of Robert.  In fact, around the Sauer household we call Shameless the Robert Show.  It’s an odd show that I’m not sure I would recommend to everyone because the humor can run extremely dark at times.  Getting back to genre content, a show that I’m going to try out is Continuum.  It’s a Canadian series that, while not exactly a new show, will be making its US premier on the SyFy channel.  The premise of the show is that a bunch of terrorists from the year 2077 time travel back to 2012 and get lose in Vancouver.  A police officer from their time manages to sneak back with them and assists the local police in dealing with the problem.  The show will be on Sunday nights along with Lost Girl which is entering its third season.  Lost Girl I just started checking out now.  Netflix decided to sort of mess with me here by putting season one out on streaming like one day after I got the first season 1 DVD in the mail.  I really wish they had a better system of warning people about what is going into and out of streaming as I got similar treatment with Stargate SG-1 which I’m currently trying to go through as well.  I’ll save that story for another post.  To get back to Lost Girl, I’m really enjoying it so far but, I doubt I’ll be able to pull a real time catch-up on the series given the January 6th start date and lack of the second season on Netflix anything.  I will ultimately be posting a review of season one but, two episodes in so far the show definitely has a lot of promise even though its yet another of these “hidden supernatural world around us” settings.  Of course, I’ll also be going through my DVDs as well.  I’m just about to finish up my revisit of Max Headroom (a review will follow soon) and then I don’t know what.  On the pile of shame I have season one of Carnivale, The Dead Zone, Earth: Final Conflict, Fringe, Invasion and Sliders (I do a lot of DVD store bottom feeding, in case it’s not obvious).  I’ll probably start one of those unless something else lands in my lap.

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