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Hey, look what I found

January 11, 2013

f1I found out about a new genre tv show that I had never heard of before last night.  Our nephew Zack was home from college and we invited him and his girl friend Tori over for diner.  During the course of the evening genre television shows start getting discussed as Zack is a fan too and he asks me if I ever saw this show called Freakylinks.  I hadn’t and told him I hadn’t even heard of it before (it happens, occasionally).  Zack went onto describe the show and how much he loved it when it was on.  After our guests left and a little bit of web research I found out that the show has a quite favorable rating amongst people who remembered it. 

Finding a totally new, to me, genre show like this is always a real treat.  I like to equate it to the feeling of cleaning out your closet and finding a $20 bill.  After a bit of research on Freakylinks I found that the show was done by the same people who brought us The Blair Witch Project.  The show is about a website called Freakylinks (surprise) whose creator investigates weird occult/supernatural stories.  The site was actually previously run by the creator’s brother who apparently died under mysterious circumstances.  True to their form on The Blair Witch Project, the show’s producers actually set up a real Freakylinks website prior to the series airing to lend a faux documentary feel to the show.  It ran on Fox in 2000 but was yet another genre tv one season wonder.  Not surprisingly, the show is not yet available on DVD.  I also checked the usual suspects (Netflix, Hulu, re-airings on other cable channels like Chiller) but came up empty.  I can ultimately get the series on DVD on the grey market that is IOffer which is probably what I will end up doing unless an official release suddenly materializes.


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