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Another podcast, another appearance

January 13, 2013

Our last best hope for a whole bunch of stuff.

As regular readers of my blog have probably surmised I’m a regular podcast listener.  I have this one hour one-way commute to work every day and, while music is good, I much prefer to listen to podcasts about topics of interest to expand my knowledge of them.  One of the “newer” podcasts I picked up is called The Martian Drive-In podcast by Terry Frost.  I put the word newer in quotes because, while the MDI is new, Terry has another podcast called Paleo-Cinema that he has been doing since September of 2007 so, he’s quite experienced at these things.  The Martian Drive-In podcast caught my attention from the beginning due to the whole obscure genre movie theme as I like both obscure movies and genre films (monster and/or spaceships and my chance of watching goes up astronomically).  So, when Terry put out a request for co-hosts I was first in line.

In this specific podcast we discuss two things, one of which will probably be of more interest to readers of this blog than the other.  To cover the lesser of the two first, we discuss the film The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension.  While I think it’s a good entertaining film, the only tv related topic is that Fox, being the company that made the movie, looked at doing a tv series based upon the property at one point.  Given that I’ve never discussed a Buckaroo Banzai tv series, you can guess where that went.  The other topic that will definitely be of more interest is our discussion of the ground breaking series Babylon 5.  I’m planning on revisiting this series at some point as my initial viewing of it was in two parts.  The series pioneered the whole continuous story arc series concept over the regular episodic nature of tv dramas at the time.  As a result of this, real life (read: my marriage crashing into the sewer on fire) at the time caused me to fall out of arc after season 3 and I ended up having to watch the final two seasons when TNT started their daily showings in syndication.  As a result of this, I would like to see the series in one go as I’m sure there are subtleties I missed in the final two seasons.  The other reason I would like to watch it on DVD is that I will be able to see the series in the 16:9 format it was shot in as opposed to the standard 4:3 tv format that I saw it in at the time.  Mr. Stracynzski had predicted the future on a couple of levels here by filming the series in a format that, while not immediately around the corner, he knew was pretty much inevitable.  He’s a smart guy like that.  Anyway, check out Martian Drive-In podcast, episode 10 (the one with the same picture as this post) if you would like to hear Terry’s thoughts as well as mine on this excellent series.

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