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And now for something completely different

January 15, 2013



If you want to know why this picture is accompanying this conest, read the last paragraph.

I finally finished up my watch through of all six seasons of Ray Bradbury Theater.  I’ll be following up with a review shortly.  As a bit of a preview to my review I will be giving away the DVD set that I just finished.  I’ll warn whoever wins it in advance that the quality is not the greatest which pretty much has as much to do with my lack of desire to keep as the content itself.  It contains the entire series and is a region 1 set.  I will mail this to the first person to email me the correct two answers to the following question:

Ray Bradbury’s first published anthology is kind of hard to find and has not been available for a number of years.  Just over half of the stories from that anthology were adapted for the Ray Bradbury Theater series.  What is the name of the anthology and who published it?

Email your answer to and please put contest in the subject line.

On a side note, I just watched the first episode of Continuum on the SyFy channel last night and I was quite impressed.  It looks like a show that will definitely be worth checking out.  The basic idea is that in the future corporations have become the government due to some rather poor economic decisions on the part of the no longer existing traditional governments.  A group of eight terrorists and a protector (read: police officer that is one step away from Judge Dredd) get zapped back to the modern day and, as my wife would say, hilarity ensues.  Speaking of Diane, she liked the first episode as well so, there must be something to it as she is a considerably harder sell than me on genre, or for that matter any, television series.


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