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A humorous coincidence

January 24, 2013

I think the suit works better on Mr. Karloff.

While I was finished Ray Bradbury Theater I started planning on which anthology series I would look at next.  I decided on The Veil which was a Boris Karloff hosted series produced by Hal Roach Studios.  Hal Roach is probably most well known for creating the comedy team of Laurel and Hardy.  The Veil featured productions based upon supposedly true stories of people’s encounters with the supernatural.  I threw disc one of The Veil into my Netflix queue and promptly forgot about it.  That was until I ran out of Ray Bradbury Theater episodes.  It had seemed like a long time since I had put The Veil in my queue and, soon enough, I got email verification that my feeling was correct.  Apparently, the normal place that Netflix would ship the disc from had lost their copy of it so, they notified me that they were sending me a copy from another distribution center and, as an apology for the delay, they would send me the next disc in my queue immediately.  This would have been a more generous offer if I actually had another disc in my queue.  I am one of those one disc at a time subscribers so, I generally leave my queue empty to insure that I get exactly what I want.  I could say that I am a one disc subscriber solely because I’m a cheap bastard and, while that’s true, I do have a second excuse in this case in that I am also a Netflix streaming subscriber as well (yeah, I know, sucker).  So, I read this thank you email thinking that it’s really more of a screw you email than a thank you email and pretty much forget about it.  That was until I get an email from Netflix saying that they have gone ahead and shipped me season one of Tales from the Crypt.  I got this email two days after I posted my most recent article about how I was really looking forward to going through that anthology series.  As much as I would like to believe that someone at Netflix is actually reading my blog (I can dream, can’t I?) I’m sure the reason they chose to send me Tales from the Crypt was due to my likes and most recent searches on their site.  Still, it was a really cool coincidence that I plan to take full advantage of in the coming week.

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