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Lost Girl season two

January 29, 2013

I found this picture that I felt nicely summed up the nature of Bo’s relationship with the new Ash.

When I was younger I always felt that more was better when it came to my favorite characters.  I guess it was a function of growing up reading Doc Savage and The Shadow.  I mean, if Lester Dent and Walter Gibson could pump out a story (or two) a month why couldn’t everyone else?  It took me awhile but, I finally came around to the point that if less meant better overall quality, I was ok with that.  Although, I still feel that Dave Stevens could have managed a few more Rocketeer stories.  To my surprise, I learned that I’ve apparently made a complete turn around on the subject.

When I read that the second season of Lost Girl went up to 22 episodes I was a little concerned.  Could that many more episodes be added without losing that tightly knit quality of the first season’s writing?  It turns out that I didn’t need to worry as the writers proved that the quality of the first season wasn’t a fluke.  The second season opens directly where the first ended with the light Fae court being shut down by a bombing.  SPOILERS!  SPOILERS!  SPOILERS!  Sorry, forgot about that.  Anyway, we get to see the inner workings of the light Fae political world as they pick a new regional leader (called an Ash) which was pretty interesting as it involves a stag hunt which works the same way as a human one does with one kind of noteworthy difference.  The new Ash is picked and the guy who wins comes across as a total dick at first.  This ended up being a good thing for the season overall in that the dynamic it created between him and Bo was actually one of the most interesting aspects of the season for me.

So, how did the writers fill in an extra nine episodes?  They added a romance plot for Bo with a dark Fae artificer who was dark mostly in name only.  In addition to a cool mini-arc within the season, we got to learn a little bit more about how the dark side operates.  It was also interesting to see Bo interact with someone who, like herself, largely operated outside of the Fae political rules.  During this bit of the season there was one episode that felt like a filler to me.  I’ll explain what I mean by a filler episode becuase I thought it was a term everyone was familiar with until I started realizing that everyone in this context pretty equaled just me.  A filler episode is one that is created to “fill” the season order to the correct number of episodes.  Even some of the best series like the Battlestar Galactica reboot have them.  For me, this season, it was the Mongolian Deathworm episode.  The important stuff in that episode could have easily been folded into another one.  This is a minor complaint, though, and pretty much the only one I can level at this season.

I warned you before but, just in case you decided to keep going, there is a huge spoiler in this paragraph.  One of the cooler aspects of this season is that we learn even more about Bo’s background, specifically about her family.  About two-thirds of the way through the season a little light suddenly turned on in my head that made me think Trick was Bo’s dad.  It must have been a bunch of little things building up because I can’t point to one specific thing that set it off. As soon as it occured to me though, I was certain I was right as it explained a lot about Trick’s behavior with respect to Bo.  It turns out that I was only half right in that Trick is actually her grandfather which is still a cool development for the character.  While I’m talking about relationships, Kenzi also has a brief one with a childhood friend of hers who is played by the actor Aaron Ashmore.  He plays the character Jinks in Warehouse 13 as well.  The reason I found this interesting is that while the two characters he plays are noticeably different, in both cases he is playing against the wackiest character in the series (Kenzi here and Claudia in Warehouse).  It’s interesting that he was cast as the relationship straight man both times.

It turns out that my math was right, and I have jumped into real time on the series with the third episode of the current run.  This season started off with a clever season opener that I really enjoyed.  One little thing that also helped make the episode for me was that we finally got to see the entrance to the Dal (Trick’s pub) from the outside.  I really like it when a show goes to the trouble of showing little details like this that would otherwise be taken for granted.  It’s a great example of another one of the many things I like about Lost Girl.


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