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This should really be available on DVD

February 20, 2013

Our latest entry in the “I can dream, can’t I?” department.

Our latest entry in the “I can dream, can’t I?” department.

No, I’m not talking about the Adam West Batman series, even though it is the second most requested series on tvshowsondvd website’s most requested list. Instead, I’m going to be discussing the show Freakylinks. This was a Fox series that came out in 2000 and, was produced by the same company that gave us The Blair Witch Project. The main character is Derek Barnes, whose brother twin brother Adam runs a website devoted to supernatural phenomenon called, you guessed it… Freakylinks. In Fearsome, the pilot episode Derek sort on inherits the website when his brother Adam dies under mysterious circumstances, or does he? Derek uncovers some evidence that Adam may, in fact, still be alive. I won’t go into any further details except to say that the show, like a number of other episodes was pretty creepy. The cast is rounded out by Chloe who was Adam’s girlfriend, Lan who maintains the website, and Jason who is a sort of questionable worth video man. There is also this mysterious figure Vince who shows up irregularly as well.

Freakylinks is your standard supernatural investigation show in the vein of Kolchak: The Night Stalker. This may be one of the reasons the show never got any traction. The X-Files, another series on Fox also inspired by Kolchak, was entering it’s eight and penultimate season so, another show of the same format may have confused or not grabbed the interest of potential viewers. Having said this, Freakylinks format is noticeably different in that it shows some of its Blair Witch roots. The first and more obvious similarity is that the show features a lot of hand held camera work of video nominally being shot by the characters for the website. This may have been yet another turn-off for the series, now that I think about it, as I know some people have real problems with that format in terms of holding down their food. Second, and more subtle, was the use of a real world website to pre-advertise the program. If I remember correctly, this may be the way that my cousin Zack came to the show as I know he was familiar with the site. Surprisingly, the site is still available as someone mirrored it and, it can be found at This site’s continued existence is a statement to the small but loyal cult following the show seems to have.

Having said all this, I really liked the series. Unfortunately, The grey market copy I got is a DVD transfer of what looks to me like a second gen VHS copy that ultimately made me long for the “quality” of The Ray Bradbury Theater DVD set I recently gave away. So, high picture quality viewing was not on the agenda for this series. Even with all this I found myself looking forward to new episodes once I got into the series. As I said before, Freakylinks definitely has a strong following amongst its fans so, the show should definitely made available on DVD. Given the prevalence of burn on demand these days I think that it would be a perfect candidate for that release format. If Freaklinks was professionally released I would easily buy the series and watch it again

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  1. pcvin permalink

    I’ve never seen it or heard of it. Sounds cool though. If it has a character in it called Vince it must be good!

  2. I actually remember this series. I hated the found footage aspect of it at the time but your review has me willing to give it another try. Great review!

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