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Et tu, UK?

March 14, 2013

The first sample is free :-).

I’m pretty sure I have spoken here before about how Amazon seems to have a direct line to my wallet.  This started a number of years ago when they started having these super sales on genre television series.  These sales tend to be rather conveniently timed to the arrival of my income tax refund checks.  For those outside the US, April 15th is the day that you have to file your income taxes with our income tax collection agency the IRS so this time of the year is called tax season.  Since I am pretty much always due a refund I tend to file much earlier to get my money back as soon as possible.  I’m sure that these Amazon super sales are timed to exploit the tax season but, I always seem to get notice of the sale within a week of receiving my check from the government (in this case Tuesday with the sale announcement the following Monday).  The synchronicity is uncanny enough to make me wonder for half a second if Amazon is targeting me specifically.

Regardless, the tactic works very well as Amazon always seems to get a generous order from me every time although, I have to say that the sales are nowhere near as impressive as they used to be.  When they first started I would have to wade through over a thousand titles but today the number is only in the few hundreds.  So, I guess to make up for this, Amazon UK suddenly sent me a solicitation for their super sale on a few British genre tv series.  I started ordering stuff from them a year and a half ago when my wife Diane got me a multi-region DVD player for Christmas.  Even though I know the two Amazons are the same company, the solicitation still surprised me.  So, in what can best be described as a classic case of negative reinforcement, I order the series Utopia and the first season of the anthology series Black Mirror.  I can quit any time I want.


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  1. Get the In Search Of box set!!!!

    From Barry’s iPhone

  2. Dude, you’re not helping.

  3. I resist getting a multi-region player because it will surely be the end of me.

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