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1985 redux

March 30, 2013

The guy above with the antlers is Hern. He is not your friend.

This is something that I wanted to mention in my previous post with regards to the lost Colin Baker Doctor Who season but, that posting got long enough that I decided it would be better in a separate article.  I got the first four of the Big Finish Lost Stories audio adventures.  Three of them where the episodes I discussed in the previous posting.  The fourth was an episode titled Leviathan by Brian Finch.  Like the previous post spoilers will follow so, if you don’t want to know about this particular story now is your chance to not learn about it.  This was a story that was written for the sixth Doctor but never produced.  It had actually been submitted for the first full Colin Baker season and Nicola Bryant speculates on the CD that the story was never shot due to concerns over expense.  I’m a little skeptical of this as it appears to me that Mission to Magnus would have been much more costly from a visual effect perspective alone and, that story, along with The Nightmare Fair, seemed to be the two stories most certain to appear in the lost season based upon everything I have read.  Also, given the near certainty of Mission to Magnus (Sil was a very popular villain at the time) if the similarity of the elements in The Ultimate Evil became a concern, it could be just as conceivable that this script, or another, could have replaced it for the lost season.  Like I said before television is a somewhat chaotic art form.  Even if Leviathan was not a possibility, I did want to review it as I thought it was a great story.

Levithan begins with the Doctor and Peri landing in what appears to be medievil England.  The appearance of Hern the hunter, in the flesh (such as it is), makes the Doctor quickly realize that something is amiss.  This is further exacerbated when he learns that most of the people in the village who reach their early 20s are captured by Hern and taken to the local castle for reasons that no one in the village understands as they are never seen again.  I’m not going to go any further with the plot other than to say that the resolution to the story involves an idea that, again, we hadn’t seen since the first doctor’s era.  It’s a neat story and, it is one that I really felt would have been a perfect pair of episodes for the second Baker’s era.  This is easily one of the strongest lost story episodes I have heard to date.  I would actually rate it above both The Nightmare Fair and The Hollows of Time.  If you find yourself with an opportunity to check it out, I would seriously do so.


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