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Where no reviewer has gone before

April 2, 2013

imagesA few weeks back Eric Hillis, who I know through the B-moviecast, sent me an email asking if I would contribute genre tv series reviews to his movie review website called The Movie Waffler.  Since I’m obviously rather fond of this (see: this blog) I agreed to take a shot at it and, as we were discussing ideas for articles, Eric happens to ask if I am a Star Trek fan.  I’m more of an original series than Next Gen fan but I give him a one sentence synopsis on my feelings on the various Star Trek franchises.  Eric lets me know that he wants to have a series of articles on the franchises leading into the release of Star Trek: Into Darkness this May (in the US at least).  So, I end up agreeing to do review articles on the original series, the animated series and Enterprise.  Since he wants to do the reviews in chronological order, he lets me know that he will need the original series review first.  It was after reading this email that the complexity of the task suddenly landed on me.  In a previous post I discussed what I considered the foundation genre tv series and Star Trek was one of the shows on the list so, how exactly does one write a review for a cornerstone genre series that almost everyone has probably seen?   You can judge the results for yourself here.


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