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Lost Girl season three

April 30, 2013

Lost-Girl-Season-3This was a different season for Lost Girl on a number of levels.  The biggest being the more free form nature of the season compared to the previous two.  In season three there are a number of continuing story lines as opposed to one over-arching arc like the Garuda.  This is the more common format for shows today so, I wasn’t all that put off by it.  Given a choice I think I prefer the one (or two like in season two) big arcs myself but, this is more of a which flavor of chocolate do I like better sort of thing for me as I still enjoyed season three regardless.

And now is the time for spoilers.  Another big change was a drift away from the Bo/Kenzi team.  This occurred for a couple of reasons.  One was Bo’s developing relationship with Lauren and the other was a curse that landed on Kenzi when she attacked the Norn at the end of last season.  The change was so extreme, in fact, that Kenzi later jokes about it in an episode towards the end of this season when they get together to go on one of their more standard adventures.  I wasn’t really happy with this change as I feel the chemistry between these two is a vital element of the show.  Fortunately, it looks like this dynamic will be returning based upon how things worked out by the end of the season.

With the Garuda from season two defeated, Hale is now the new acting Ash.  One of the first things he does is to try and help heal the rift between the dark and light fae in case another fae apex predator shows up.  To help with this he pairs Dyson up with a dark fae cop named Tamsin.  She is a new character and a great addition to the cast.  Tam is a valkerie whose eyes go black when she uses her powers.  It is a computer generated effect but, it is an incredibly awesome one.  Tamsin doesn’t much like Bo as she is convinced that a number of new murders are the result of Bo using her powers.  The development of the relationship between these two characters is one of the most enjoyable elements of this season for me.

There are three major story arcs this season.  The first is Bo going through a fae coming of age process known as “the dawning”.  Normally this occurs much later in a fae’s life than it is occurring in Bo’s.  While she successfully completes the process, we get to see what I like to call the “scary Bo” that we saw in the previous season who seems to wield insane power.  The second story element is the arrival of a scientist named Dr. Taft who is interested in luring Lauren away from the fae so that she can work for him instead.  Needless to say, there is more to Taft than meets the eye.  Finally, there is a story line directly involving Tamsin that involves kidnapping Bo to meet some super fae referred to as the Wanderer.

This leads into the title I was originally thinking of for this review called “What the hell did I just see”.  Another big change to this season is that it ended on a cliffhanger.  While I don’t mind as the series has already been renewed for a fourth season, it did catch me by surprise.  I’m not going to comment any further on it than to say that I am definitely looking forward to season four’s first episode even more than I normally would be.


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