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Summer part two

May 27, 2013

continuum-season-2-poster-270x200With May coming to a close, it’s time for me to look ahead at what shows I will be following starting June through August.  I’ll be going in chronological order, as usual, because that’s the way my brain works.  The first show coming up is a new one called In the Flesh.  This is a BBC series about a post-zombie uprising world where civilization didn’t collapse and the dead folks are in the process of being integrated back into society.  This is a concept that I have wanted to see done since my wife mentioned seeing an interview with George Romero where he discussed a concept for a film called Twilight of the Dead where society had recovered from the living dead and they where treated roughly like the homeless in that society largely ignored them.  For all you DVD region one people out there, the series will premier on BBC America on June 6th.  The next day, on June 7th, SyFy will start season two of the excellent series Continuum.  This is the best new genre show of the year for me although Orphan Black is giving it a serious run for its money.  This is a time travel series that I can’t recommend highly enough to genre tv fans and, if you want to learn more about it, you can check out my season one review here.  Next on my list is season three of the TNT series Falling Skies.  I’m not generally big on alien invasion story lines.  If you have the technology to produce enough power to push a big vehicle from one star to another, you are also likely to have the technological ability to solve any problems you might have with a far simpler method than pushing that big vehicle from one star to another.  Fortunately, the show’s writers have hinted that they appreciate this point as well so, I’m taking the ride on faith that they will, in fact, address this issue.  Falling Skies starts on June 9th.  True Blood begins its sixth season on the 16th on HBO.  This is a show that I watch largely because Diane does.  If she didn’t, I’m not sure if I would stick with it.  The reason for this is that I have always been more interested in the politics around integrating vampires into human society which is not a direction the series tends to follow very often.  The show has also jumped the shark for me to some extent in that the human characters have started becoming fewer and fewer in number as the series supernatural elements seem to take over everyone’s characters.   Dexter is not really a genre show but, it’s a show that I think genre fans might enjoy.  This is the series last season and, like True Blood, it kind of lost steam two seasons back.  I’m watching it just to see how it ends but would only recommend the series to season five for those interested in checking it out, with season four being my personal favorite.  Dexter starts on the 30th.  Finally, the last series is not a genre show at all but, is what I consider to be the best show on US television at the moment.  This would be Breaking Bad.  Like Dexter it is the final season, actually, the final half of the last season if you buy into AMC’s logic.  This is an amazingly good show about the downfall of a high school chemistry teacher named Walter White.  I would strongly recommend this show to anyone who likes television dramas.  BB’s swan sing begins on August 11th.  So, this what I’ll be doing for my summer vacation.  How about you?

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