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The Dead Television Society

June 1, 2013

dtssmalllogo2As some of you may have gathered, I listen to a number of podcasts.  My one hour one-way commute to work has a good deal to do with this.  I try out new casts every so often and I fairly recently ran across one that I thought readers of this blog might enjoy.  It’s called the Dead Television Society podcast.  Your three regular hosts are Omniac, Johnno and Chris Price who are occasionally joined by other people.  The podcast covers genre tv shows that have been cancelled.  They do two episodes per series with the first covering the pilot and the second covering the final episode that was aired on television which, if the series was ultimately released on DVD, may not actually be the last episode available for viewing.  That’s their rule and, I like it a lot since it fits their podcast’s theme nicely.  They will discuss some of the history of the series over the two episodes as well.  For their first episode they will share their feelings/opinions on the pilot and talk about where they think the show is going from their, or for those members who have already seen the series, where they remember thinking the show was going at the time.  For the second episode, they will cover their thoughts on the final episode and whether that viewing changed their opinion regarding the show and whether they will view the rest of the series as a result.  Sometimes, some of them will go through the whole series for the podcast based on the pilot alone.  The length of the series also has an impact here as going through all of a series like Farscape or Millenium between the two podcasts could prove a bit impractical.

When I first ran across the podcast, thanks again Kevin Bachelder, I thought the idea was a pretty brilliant one.  As I said in a recent call in to the show, due to the major Networks treatment of new series alone, they will never be lacking for source material.  So far they have covered mostly post 2000 series like Firefly and, the farthest they have gone back to date is the 90s with the shows Earth 2 and Millenium.  They have also covered the very recent series 666 Park Avenue in their two most recent episodes.  The Dead Television society is a fun podcast by people who are obviously quite fond of genre television.  I would recommend that everyone give it a listen and see what you think.


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