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Black Scorpion

June 4, 2013

The costume looks a lot better in motion than it does in still pictures.

While I’m on the subject of podcasts, I recently co-hosted another one for my first time.  This one is the Saturday B Movie Reel podcast by Kevin Bachelder.  Knowing my fascination with genre tv, he asked me if I had ever seen the Roger Corman produced Black Scorpion super hero tv series or either of the two television films that spawned it.  When I informed him that it was on my “to do” list he generously invited me to cover the first movie with him on his podcast.  He also informed me of the website ImportCDs where I could get the better copy of the movie and, since I also noticed they had the complete series on sale for a sane price I got that as well.  The Black Scorpion series DVD set went out of print for awhile and was commanding prices in excess of $80 on Ebay at the time so, I went with the better safe than sorry option in case it ever goes out of print again.  I had thought Black Scorpion was the only tv series ever produced by Corman until Kevin pointed out that the first movie was part of a Showtime movie series called Roger Corman presents.  This series features remakes of some of his earlier films like The Wasp Woman but is mostly made up of new films like Black Scorpion.  So, I guess, technically, the Black Scorpion series was his second television show.  As a side note, this was not the first time Showtime did an original movie series like this.  A year earlier they did a series called Rebel Highway which was a bunch of remakes of old Samuel Z. Arkoff juvenile delinquent films.  To get back to Black Scorpion, the series has been compared to the old Adam West Batman tv series.  However, the first movie played a considerably more straight version of a super hero story.  If you want to hear more of what Kevin and I had to say, go to the above link and check out episode 113.

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