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Mission Log, a cool, not so new podcast

July 31, 2013
mission log 051

Their site banner is a lot cooler but, I couldn’t figure out how to get an image of it.

I went out to the Monster Bash in Mars, Pennsylvania a couple of weekends back and had a great time seeing all of the people from the B-Movie podcast again. Part of the festivities was a dinner that Vince organized for Mary, himself and all of the fans of the podcast. It was at this dinner that I met Evan Kendal for the first time. Evan and his family are wonderful people and during the conversation, he asked if I was a Star Trek fan. As everyone here knows that would be a very big yes. He then told me about this podcast called Mission Log that was planning to go through every episode and movie of Star Trek in broadcast order (although they do The Cage first since it was never actually shown on tv until much later). I gave the podcast a listen and am currently up to episode six which is why I wanted to mention it here as I thought readers might want to check out this podcast as well.

Your hosts for the podcast are Ken Ray and John Champion. Each week they cover one episode of Star Trek. They watch the it, give a brief synopsis and then discuss any messages in the episode and whether those messages, as well as the story itself, stand the test of time. These guys are doing an exceptional job with their podcast. The level of discussion is great and quite thorough. It reminds me of similar discussions I’ve had with friends over the years about the original series. Another cool thing about the cast is that it sounds like John and Ray have access to some of Gene Roddenberry’s original notes given their comments on the episode covering The Cage. The icing on the cake that completed the sale for me was the fact that they are going to cover the animated series as well, which I am fond of referring to as the forgotten Star Trek franchise for reasons I covered in my review of the series. Unlike the usual late arrival to the party that seems to be the story of my life, Evan actually turned me onto this one while they are still in the original series. The most recent episode at the time of this article is the second season episode By Any Other Name. They also have supplemental logs where they interview various people associated with the series but, I haven’t gotten to any of those yet (should hit the first one in about a week). Overall, Mission Log is a very enjoyable podcast that should enhance any Star Trek fan’s appreciation of this long running franchise.


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