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Zack strikes again

August 9, 2013

tiger-bunny-2513So, I invite my nephew Zack, who introduced me to the show Freakylinks, over to watch The Andromeda Strain with me because of this review I wanted to write.  That would be the 1971 classic as opposed to the more recent A&E which started strong but, didn’t end quite as well (it came across to me as a pilot for an Andromeda Strain tv series to me).  I was impressed to learn that Zack had read the original Crichton novel.  In any case, knowing that I am somewhat obsessed with super heroes, Zack brought along this anime series called Tiger and Bunny for me to check out.  At the time I was unable to watch the first episode with him but, now really wish I had.  I’ll state up front that animation, in general, is not my thing.  I do like the animated Star Trek series but I like the original 1964 Jonny Quest more but those two shows are really about it.  Futurama is kind of cool, too, now that I think about it.  Having said all of this, Tiger and Bunny is an pretty incredible.  It’s anime but, it is much more of a regular drama series.  The world of Tiger and Bunny is a super hero world but, not a very standard one.  In this world corporate sponsorship of heroes is the norm.  Their costumes aren’t quite as loaded as Captain Amazing’s was in Mystery Men for those familiar with that film but, we do see some logos on costumes.  More importantly, we witness first hand the heroes’ direct interaction with the companies and it’s a very heavy handed business arrangement.  On top of this, there is a reality show called Hero TV that broadcasts the heroes’ activities as they go about fighting crime.  This makes for some unusual animation as they use various filtering tricks on the animation to make it look like a reality television type broadcast.  It really played with my head the first time I saw it.  Hero TV awards the heros points for their actions and, at the end of a season, the high point scorer is awarded some kind of prize (probably more corporate money).  However, during all of this these are real super powered humans risking their lives fighting genuinely dangerous villains.  It’s a very unique and surprisingly fresh look at the whole super hero genre and I’m really enjoying it.  So, thanks again Zack and a full review of the first season will follow as soon as I finish it.

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