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Falling in

September 5, 2013

super9With the arrival of September, it’s time for me to start looking forward to what I’ll be watching this fall.  This is actually a less busy viewing period for me than the summer due to the glut of genre shows we get during that time.  I’ll be covering this in three parts; new series, continuing genre series and continuing non-genre series.

First, I’m going to talk about new shows, or in this case show singular, that I’ll be checking out this fall.  Being obsessed with superheroes as I am, I’ll be taking a look at ABC’s Agents of SHIELD.  Yes, I am aware that this is a network show but, it has too many factors going for it.  The single biggest being that Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD was my all time favorite comic book growing up.  It’s also being done by Joss Whedon whose previous work I am rather fond of.  Given that it’s a network show, I’m going to assume I’ll get a half season out of it.  By setting my expectations low, I’ll be pleasantly surprised if I actually get more but not be disappointed if I don’t.  I realize that my perspective here will probably be shocking to some people but, new network series have a staggeringly low success rate.  Furthermore, the hype behind the series is insanely high which in my viewing experience is a huge hurdle for the show.  What happens is that this causes people’s expectations to be so high as to all but guarantee audience disappointment when it turns out to be a merely good series.  Agents of SHIELD starts on September 24th.  There are a number of other genre shows coming out this fall and given my lighter viewing schedule, I may sneak another one in based upon word of mouth.   Sleepy Hollow seems to be getting a lot of good early buzz but I’ll still wait for other people to try it first.  I was going to try out Arrow given that all of the people I talk to about television seem to love it and I was all set to check it out on my FIOS.  That was until I found that they want $3 per episode.  People must pay this, which I find odd given that the series costs $42 on Amazon, as opposed to the $69 it would cost this way but, I guess that whole immediate gratification thing must make it work.  So, I won’t be catching up to Arrow real time at this point.

Continuing genre shows for me include Supernatural, The Walking Dead and American Horror Story: Coven.  Supernatural I really felt did a good job reinventing itself during its seventh season, even with the weak leviathan story arc.  I’m still really enjoying the series and am looking forward to season nine which starts on October 8th.  The Walking Dead really doesn’t need me to say anything more about it as I presume that just about every genre tv fan in America is probably watching it based upon the ratings it seems to pull.  Season four premiers on October 13th.  Finally, I’ll be checking out American Horror Story: Coven.  Whether this is actually counts as a continuing series would be a valid point of contention as this is more of an anthology series with each season being a completely new story line.  I’ll have to admit that I probably wouldn’t be watching this if it hadn’t been set in New Orleans and featuring a strong voodoo element.  I’ve always found voodoo interesting for some reason and the acting talent that this series brings to bear is pretty awesome.  AHS: Coven starts on October 9th.

For the continuing non-genre shows, the only one that may be of interest to genre fans is Person of Interest which is entering its third season.  This is one of those shows that, while having a genre driven concept, I don’t really feel is a genre show as that element is rarely involved in individual episodes.  The show left us with one hell of a cliff hanger so, I’m really looking forward to its return on September 24th.  The other two shows I’ll be watching are Homeland and Boardwalk Empire.  Homeland I’m a little concerned about given how they ended the last season.  The show was already straining my credulity during the second season and the finally left the story at a point where it looked like it was going to push even harder against that limit but, we’ll find out on September 29th.  Boardwalk Empire is a show that I can not objectively comment on as I appear to be its target audience.  It’s got Steve Buscemi, who I could find enjoyable if he just sat their reading a phone book,  It takes place in the 1920s, a historical time period I have always found fascinating.  And to top it all off, the story takes place in my home state of New Jersey.  Actually, I should say adopted home state as I was born in upstate New York but, I’ve been in Jersey longer now so New York loses, sorry.  Regardless, the series enters its fourth season on September 8th.

So, that’s what I’ll be up to this fall.  Of course, I’ve also got my standard DVD watching going on.  I’m in the middle of Stargate SG-1 season five at the moment as well as the first season Of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries which is a cool Australian detective series set in that magic 1920s time period.  I just finished up the little known 1966 British show The Corridor People who my friend Terry Frost at Martian Drive-In podcast turned me on to and, the 1981 Day of the Triffids which I may write a review for here at some point as I really enjoyed it.  If no new genre show grabs my attention I will try to get in Under the Dome which is currently on my radar as well.

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