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Supplimentary Log: The one about Trelane and the Q

September 21, 2013

“If you’re not going to play properly, I’ll take my castle and go to the continuum.”

So, I’m flying though the Mission Log Podcast and I hit the episode on The Squire of Gothos.  Actually, I passed it awhile back as I’m currently on The Return of the Archons episode.  But anyway, John and Ken discuss the nature of Trelane and his parents and whether or not they might belong to the Q Continuum.  They sort of veto the idea because Trelane needs his mirror machine to exercise his powers.  Having my own opinion on the matter I thought I would write about it here as the point of Mission Log is to discuss the messages of Star Trek and whether those messages still hold up today as opposed to the geeky continuity details that people like me enjoy discussing.

I saw Star Trek in pretty much chronological order.  I was a little young for the first broadcast of the original series but, I ultimately did catch all of it when it went into endless syndication after it was cancelled.  So, I saw The Squire of Gothos a number of times before the start of The Next Generation.  I did see Encounter at Farpoint, the pilot episode of TNG, on first broadcast though.  After the episode I immediately made the connection in my head between Q and Trelane’s family.  My vote is that Trelane’s folks where Q and that Trelane was a baby Q.  Why then, does Trelane need a machine to use his powers?  Well this has an obvious answer to me.  Perhaps Q start off life with a physical form that has extremely limited (or maybe even no) powers.  Given that Trelane’s folks are these non-corporeal creatures I sort of ran with the assumption that dying was their form of going through puberty.  Much like we give our young children educational toys to help them develop skills they will need later in life, Trelane’s machine is the Q version of that same sort of educational toy for their species.  I was surprised that Ken and/or John didn’t mention this themselves but, like I said earlier, this sort of stuff is not the point of the Mission Log podcast so perhaps I shouldn’t have.

Another thing that came up in the podcast was a brief discussion of what exactly Trelane’s parents meant when they said that humans where a superior species.  Ken and John had a discussion about what exactly his folks meant by this along the lines of did they see a special destiny for humanity in the future.  I always just assumed that this was their way of saying that we were sentient myself but, I also haven’t seen the episode in like a zillion years so maybe there was something more there that I missed.  In any case, I just wanted to throw in my two cents in on these two extremely pressing matters.

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  1. Amazing observation, I have NEVER visited your site BTW and am aghast, proud and amused to find I followed your topic with no need for external reference.

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