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Happy Halloween from Fantastic Television

October 14, 2013

kolchakSo, after I get done sending in a review of the non-genre tv series Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries to my friend Eric Hillis for his Movie Waffler site, he drops me an email saying that, for Halloween, he was going to be doing an article on the history of horror movies and, by the way, would I mind doing something similar for horror television? Since saying no wasn’t really an option I began digging into my notes on the topic. I’ll state-up front that of the SF/Fantasy/Horror triad that makes up genre tv, I personally find horror the least interesting. This has nothing to do with horror being in any way inferior. Instead, it is probably more of an artifact of having read a ton of Weird Tales magazine which I guess that has succeeded in scratching that particular itch for me. Regardless of this, I found writing the article interesting. I learned a great deal as I had never really looked at this particular genre in a chronological manner before. There were even a couple of surprises like the sixteen year run of anthology horror series in the eighties and nineties and the show that Dan Curtis worked on prior to the two Kolchak tv movies. It’s all available here for you enjoyment. Oh yeah, and happy Halloween everyone.

One Comment
  1. Personally, I can’t get enough horror, especially bad lo budget horror, to ever scratch that itch! Creature features (sharknado) are NOT horror, IMO, and could go completely away!

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