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October 26, 2013

Still watching these guys.

Having just gone over my first impressions of Agents of SHIELD and Sleepy Hollow, I figured I might as well cover what I’m watching on DVD at the moment as well.  First, I recently finished up the initial season of Metal Hurlant Chronicles.  This is a French and Belgian made anthology series based upon the magazine Metal Hurlant which is known domestically as Heavy Metal.  I’m a big fan of anthology series but, was never terribly taken with Heavy Metal magazine.  I think a lot of this has to do with being more interested in writing whereas the magazine is much more focused on art than the story.  I will say that the series does parallel the magazine very nicely in this way as Chronicles is very pretty to look at.  The one potential problem with the series is that all of the episodes are adaptations of stories from Metal Hurlant magazine which means that if you are a fan of the magazine and have a half way decent memory you are not likely to be surprised by any of the twist endings.  As I said, I was not really into the mag but, still had read enough to recognize one of the stories so I knew what was coming.  Except for this one concern, I would say the show is perfectly geared towards fans of the magazine so, consider yourself warned.

I picked up season two of The Almighty Johnsons as soon as I finished season one.  The alternative was to wait until 2014 and watch it on the SyFy channel but, screw that was kind of my thought process with respect to that idea.  Putting it another way, I can quit any time I want.  It turns out that they are actually called seasons as opposed to series because it says season 2 on the DVD case so, you can mentally correct my review of the first season.  While I enjoyed the first season, the series really finds its footing in the second season.  A review will be following shortly.

All this time I have also been going through season five of Stargate SG-1.  Serendipitously, as I started writing this article I unknowingly hit the 100th episode of the series.  It was actually a self-parody episode called Wormhole X-treme!, yes, with the exclamation point included.  I generally don’t like self referential episodes as I tend to find them kind of trite but, this one was actually pretty good.  It worked because they made excellent use of a character introduced in the previous season and, on top of that, they weren’t afraid to poke fun at their own previous mistakes.  I especially enjoyed the part where an actual alien ship lands during an outdoor shoot and one of the two visual effects guys comments that he’s seen better only to have the other assure him that they can clean it up in post production anyway.  In another odd piece of synchronicity as I was working on this article, Jeff Altorfer commented on my previous post on Stargate that he would be surprised if i didn’t fall in love with the series.  I can assure you Jeff that I most certainly have and will definitely be continuing into the SciFi produced season six when I finish five.

Finally, back to my love of anthology series with Tales from the Darkside.  I had actually watched a bunch of these back when it was originally on as a syndicated series in the early eighties so, I wasn’t sure how well it would hold up today.  I have to say that season one did surprisingly well.  To the point, in fact, that I probably should do a proper review for it.  Whether I get to it or not, season one is definitely worth a look.  Then there is season two.  I wish I could say the quality stayed the same but I really can’t which is why it has taken me so long to get through it (I still have four episodes to go).  I can say that I will be trying another anthology series before I hit season three of Tales.  Probably that Hammer House of Horror set that my sister got me for my birthday.

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