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The construction of a classic genre series

November 16, 2013

first-doctorI forget which article it was I had just finished up for Eric Hillis over at the Movie Waffler but, he mentions after getting it that November is coming up and it’s the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who.
He then asks if I would like to write an article about that.  Being a huge Doctor Who fan, I figure it’s really no problem as I can write anything about the Doctor that Eric could want.  I ask him what specifically he is looking for when he drops this bombshell on me: “I’ll leave that up to you.”  To which my mental response was thank you for making this article twice as hard to write.  After soliciting ideas from friends and family, mostly friends actually, I finally decided to focus on what it was exactly that made Doctor Who the foundation genre show that it is.  I’ll actually have a follow-up article that I will post here, hopefully before the 50th anniversary date, that will cover a topic recommended by my friend Rich Chamderlain over at the Monster Movie Kid blog.  My Doctor Who article can be found here.

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