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A question

December 4, 2013

Still watching these guys.

When I first started Fantastic Television my vision, such as it was, would be to discuss a number of things.  I wanted to talk about the history of genre tv equally with whatever else I would be covering.  Given that I listen to a bunch of genre related podcasts, thanks to my long work commute, I knew that podcasts would be a regular feature of the site as well.  I also finally started the Failure to Launch series of reviews that cover genre tv pilots that never got picked up as a series. I had planned to do this from the beginning and I have barely scratched the surface of what I have to cover.  As far as actual series reviews, I knew that covering individual seasons was the way to go and, given my viewing habits I knew that I would be covering older series that I had missed as well as the stuff that I was currently watching.  Furthermore, I knew that a bunch of stuff I covered would be foreign material, largely British due to my particular fascination with their style of storytelling and unique sense of humor both of which I enjoy immensely.  One of the things that I kind of wanted to avoid was having the blog overrun by reviews.  So, when it comes to current programs, I have largely focused on the off-beat stuff like Continuum, Orphan Black and Lost Girl that I feel don’t get a whole lot of press coverage that they deserve.  Hence, the lack of reviews of stuff like The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones, both of which I consider to be exceptional genre tv series.  As Fantastic Television is a little over a year old now I guess I’m becoming less concerned about the balance of articles that I had in mind when I began so, my question to the readers is would you like me to review everything that I watch?  I mean the genre stuff as I do watch more than my fair share of non-genre tv as well.  Masters of Sex, for example, is an amazingly good series and I’m not just saying that because of the prurient material, which actually makes up a surprisingly small amount of its content.  These reviews would also include the older stuff I am watching like season five of Stargate SG-1 that I just finished up.  I’ll be sticking with the reviews of entire seasons but, the question comes down to do you all want me to review all of the genre series that I watch or not?  Let me know and thanks.


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