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Break point

December 13, 2013

Check out who is now on Netflix streaming.

Mid-season breaks seem to have become the norm for network programming these days.  Supernatural, Agents of SHIELD, and Person of Interest have all had their mid season breaks with PoI’s being by far the most awesome.  Even American Horror Story and Sleepy Hollow, one of three new series I picked up this year, both of which only have a thirteen episode season have taken mid-season breaks.  What this means in more practical terms is that I now get a month to watch a bunch of stuff on DVD, on demand, and Netflix streaming.  As it turns out, Netflix has been quite accommodating for me right now.  A couple of weeks back I noticed that the first season of Revolution was available so, I started ripping through that given that the other two members of my household are already watching it.  Now it turns out that season one of Arrow is also available which is a show I was actually interested enough in that I almost bought the season one DVD for myself.  So, if you are like me and missed out on it last year, and you have Netflix streaming service, now is your chance.

In the On Demand front, I’ll probably take a look at Almost Human, assuming it’s still available when I get to it.  Not always a guarantee depending upon exactly which channel as each seem to have their own rules with regards to how long they will leave past episodes available.  Skipping right to DVD, I have been really interested to get to season two of Blakes 7 one of these days so, I’ll probably be hitting that once I finish up Revolution.  On the anthology front I’m currently going through the Hammer House of Horror DVD set that my sister got me for my birthday.

One of the other three shows that I started is a French series called The Returned.  The actual name is The Revenants but, for some reason I have as yet to determine, being two episodes away from the end of what is hopefully the first season, they changed the name even though revenant is a word in the English language.  Maybe after the final two the name change will make more sense but, I remain skeptical.  This is a show that Roger Domian, another B-moviecast fan, turned me on to.  Roger is the same guy that steered me into Misfits and Black Mirror as well, so I have learned to pay attention to his genre series recommendations.  Thanks yet again Roger.

We have to drift into non-genre territory for the last new show that I picked up this season which is Masters of Sex.  Showtime’s original programming has been pretty impressive as of late so, I tend to take a look at anything new they offer that even remotely piques my interest.  After watching the pilot for Master of Sex I decided to stick around and have to say I am really quite impressed with the series.  I’ll almost certainly be writing a review of the first season for the Movie Waffler given that it and Homeland’s season finales are this Sunday.  So, this is what I’ll be doing over my Christmas vacation.


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