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Winter is coming

December 19, 2013

These guys are pretty awesome. Check them out.

Unfortunately, season 4 of Game of Thrones is still a few months away but, here is what I’ll be watching during the winter tv season here in the US.  I will, of course, be continuing with all of the fall series that I am watching which includes Supernatural, Sleepy Hollow, AHS: Coven and Person of Interest.  The last of which it turns out, had a mid-season break that wasn’t the end of the three-parter like I had previously thought but, the real mid-season finale was still pretty awesome, regardless.

I’ll break with tradition here and mention the other two non-genre shows first.  Shameless, the American version, starts its fourth season on January 12th on Showtime.  I like it because as I’ve said previously I have these relatives….  While Sherlock is not technically a genre show it sure should appeal to genre tv fans.  The third series appears on PBS on January 19th after an awesomely twisted season two finale.  If you are not watching this series you definitely need to check it out as it is easily some of the best television out there and it is done by the same guy who is currently doing Doctor Who.

The only returning series I have this winter is Lost Girl on SyFy which starts on January 13th.  It’s starting season four which my lucky Canadian readers will have already seen a good percentage of by this point in time.  I guess I shouldn’t complain as SyFy is actually doing us the favor of starting the season before it finishes in Canada.  For those unfamiliar with Lost Girl you can check out my review of season one here.  The short version is that if you are a fan of urban fantasy series like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, you really should be watching this series, the first three seasons of which are still conveniently available on netflix streaming (hint, hint).

The next two are new series.  First is a werewolf series called Bitten.  Now, people who know me will be surprised by this as I find werewolves about as interesting as vampires.  Slightly less, actually.  So, why am I checking Bitten out I hear you, or perhaps just the voices in my head, ask?  Because it is yet another Canadian production and the last three such series have all been big wins for me.  I know the streak has to end at some point but, it’s still strong enough for me to give Bitten a chance.  It starts on SyFy the same night as Lost Girl, January 13th.

The other series I have been looking forward to since I first heard about it is Helix. It’s another SyFy series and this time a true SyFy original which premiers on January 10th.  This is a series that Ron Moore, one of the creators of the awesome SyFy Battlestar Galactica series is writing for.  It was actually created by new comer Cameron Porsandeh and features an Andromeda Strain like theme.  The Andromeda Strain is one of my all time favorite science fiction films which I have previously reviewed here.

So these as well as the weather are what will be keeping me off the streets come January.  Feel free to tell me what you will be checking out in 2014.

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  1. Been counting down to Sherlock for the past two years. Can’t wait!

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