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What I did over my winter vacation

January 18, 2014

A comparatively rare picture of Oliver Queen where he actually has his shirt on.

Actually, it ended last weekend so I’m a little late but over the course of the mid-season break period I decided to take the time to check out some new series.  It also opened up my viewing schedule enough to allow me to get back into Blake’s 7 which I reviewed series two of last post.  There were two other series on schedule to look at, Revolution which I had already started and Arrow which I had not.  I finished up Revolution in a timely enough fashion to take a look at Almost Human as well.

Starting with Arrow, for no particular reason, Netflix put season one up on its streaming service and Kevin Batchelder has been telling me over and over again how great the series is that I decided to take a look.  I have to say that I was really blown away by this series which I didn’t look at it when it first premiered largely because it was on the CW, a network which tends to target a young adult audience.  To be honest, something being labelled as young adult for some reason is a big disincentive for me.  I could just ascribe this to me being 51 years old but, that would really just be a rationalization on my part.  I feel it’s more honest and thus makes me feel more comfortable to just own the fact that the whole thing is just some bizarro prejudice on my part.  Having said all this, Arrow is still awesome.  There are some YA factors that are present in the show.  For example, Oliver owns a club which is an excuse for the occasional scene set there and there is also a good deal of focus on dating drama but, these are infrequent enough to not take away from the rest of the series for me.  This is one of the best pieces of super hero television I have ever seen and fans of that genre really owe it to themselves to check it out if they aren’t already watching.

Revolution, being a network show, is hampered by some of the standard tv tropes that result in some of the character’s motivations occasionally not making a whole lot of sense at times.  It also seems to me that things happen by accident as much if not more so than design which I don’t personally find all that entertaining.  Still it’s nice to see Giancarlo Esposito getting work as he is good at playing the villain.  He played the awesome character Gus Fring in the equally awesome series Breaking Bad.

I also decided to check out Almost Human until I read about how Fox decided to pull a Firefly with the series and show the first season out of production order.  Unlike Firefly, they did at least have the decency to show the actual pilot first so I settled on just watching that instead.  I really enjoyed what I saw from the first episode which had a Blade Runner flavor to it.  My friend Rich Chamberlain over at Monster Movie Kid has said that the messed up sequence hasn’t had an impact on his watching, I’ll still be waiting for Netflix streaming to watch the rest of it in its correct order.  Yeah, I am well aware of my problem.

So, that’s what I did over my winter tv beak.  I hope everyone out there had just as much fun as I did.

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