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Real time with Arrow and the one I forgot

February 9, 2014

arrow-season-2-bronze-tigerSo, I finished season one of Arrow (which is still conveniently available on Netflix) and liked it so much I decided to catch up real time like I have done in the past with other shows like Supernatural.
I’m also a very cheap individual so I like to do this by spending as little money as possible which preferably means nothing.  I’m discussing this project with Kevin Bachelder who points out to me that episodes five through nine of season two are available on Hulu.  OK, time for a bit of background on myself.  I really, really, really, no I mean REALLY, dislike watching tv shows or movies on my computer.  It’s not that my work has me on the computer a lot (it does but it could be much worse).  It’s more that when I’m being entertained I want to maximize the emersive experience.  So, call me a prima donna.  This doesn’t completely kill the project as I know that I can sample Hulu Plus free for one week which is more than enough time to cover five episodes of Arrow.  That leaves episodes one through four to cover.  Being, technically speaking, a tv network CW charges money to watch recently past episodes on my television service provider for the princely sum of two dollars an episode, or three if I want HD.  At this point I decide eight bucks is a reasonable expenditure to catch up with a show that I find pretty damn awesome.  After adding eight bucks to my Verizon bill for the month, I sign up for my free week of Hulu Plus.  As a side note here, Hulu Plus is basically like Netflix streaming, except for the commercials.  I’m going to hazard a guess that these only show up on the more recent programing as I really didn’t take the time to check out anything else but, I’m still not super happy with the idea of commercials interrupting a show on a service that I would be paying a monthly fee for.  Anyway, like Netflix, Hulu Plus ends up doing a great job of keeping track of what episode of a series you are on.  That is until I hit episode eight when I’m pretty certain I haven’t seen episode seven yet.  Turns out that, for some bonehead reason, episode seven isn’t available on Hulu.  So, “thanking” Kevin under my breath, I give a couple more bucks to Verizon.  In any case, I’m finally caught up to real time with Arrow.  It’s a show that you should definitely check out if you are late to the party like myself and, I want to thank Kevin for recommending it as strongly as he did as the quality more than makes up for the extra couple of bucks.  The series does a spectacular job of integrating a large number of characters from the DC comics universe.  I was totally stunned to see Deathstroke the Terminator (ok, so it turned out not to really be him) appear in the fourth episode of the first season.  For those unfamiliar with him, he is a major villain in DC comics in roughly the same tier as The Joker.

The other thing I wanted to mention was a show I forgot in my winter “what I’m watching segment”.  It’s a non-genre show, which would explain why I forgot about it, called The Americans.  It’s an FX original series set in the early 80s about a deeply entrenched pair of Soviet spies posing as an American family.  It’s a pretty outstanding show and, if you are at all into espionage stuff, definitely worth a look.  The Americans second season begins on February 28th.

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