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SyFy strikes back

March 13, 2014

In case I haven’t mentioned how awesome this show is lately, it will be coming up in shortly in another article.

In the unusually good news department, it looks like the recently changed management at the SyFy channel is looking to actually get back not only into the SF tv business, they are planning to do it in a big way which includes a space based original series of some sort.  The current project is a mini-series called Ascension that got a one line write up in this Hollywood Reporter article that broke the news.  While lean on details, I have to admit that the concept does sound intriguing.  The other positive take away from the article is the channel’s further commitment to importing foreign programing which has brought us awesome shows like Continuum and Lost Girl which I review here and here.  They have already picked up The Almighty Johnsons for this year and on the off chance that anyone at the SyFy channel actually reads this blog (I can dream, can’t I) I would heartily recommend the series Black Mirror as an excellent candidate as well.  I’m really looking forward to this and wish the new management at SyFy the best of luck.  I’m especially hopeful about Ascension, as I really miss having a space based genre show around in my regular viewing rotation.


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