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Springing into April

March 26, 2014
On Continuum, Kiera has a less than optimal day.

On Continuum, Kiera has a less than optimal day.

With April less than a week away at this point (although you would never tell from our local weather) it’s time to post my new “what I’ll be watching” article as all of the shows will be starting soon.   I’m going to break with tradition again and do the shows starting with what I am most looking forward to.   You’ll just have to skip the non-genre stuff as it shows up.

The first two series are actually a bit of a toss up for which I most want to see more. Continuum’s third season starts on SyFy on April 4th. The second season left us with one hell of a cliffhanger that really promises to change up the internal politics of the series. As it turns out, just because you were the first to go back in time doesn’t mean you can assume that you were also the last. All of this is probably why I’m most excited about the return of this show. Thanks to Netflix streaming I managed to get one of my work colleagues into the series as well. Orphan Black is the other series I’m really excited about. This show completely blindsided me last year.   The show is about a group of clones all marvelously played by the same actress Tatiana Maslany. She did such a good job differentiating the characters that, like I mention in my season one review, it took me half way through the season to realize just how hard Ms. Maslany’s acting schedule must be for this series.   Season two of Orphan Black begins April 19th on BBC America.

Game of Thrones enters its fourth season on April 6th. I know I don’t generally talk about this awesome HBO series here but, trust me, it’s worthy of all the hype that is heaped upon it by pretty much every other reviewer on the planet. I’m most looking forward to Daenerys Targaryen’s storyline as she is pretty much the only contender for the Iron Throne left that I have any respect for at all.

Speaking of April 6th, AMC brings us a new non-genre historical drama called Turn which is set during the American Revolution. The story will focus on the Culper spy ring which you can Wikipedia if you don’t know what that is. I’ve always found this time period to be particularly interesting so, I’m looking forward to see what this series has to offer.

The last two are both final seasons, ironically, and, like my first two, are tied for which I’m most looking forward to. Warehouse 13’s final season starts on SyFy on April 14th. I think I would have liked this show more had they maintained the balance of super science and magic as opposed to switching primarily to the latter. I still love the characters enough for the show to hold my interest, though. Starting one day earlier on the 13th is, what I comparatively recently learned to be, the final season of AMC’s Mad Men. This one might get a bump above Warehouse 13 for, much like Continuum, it had a cliffhanger that promised a major shift for the direction of the series and Don Draper, personally.

Well, that’s it until June. As always, if anyone else wants to provide their own list, they are more than welcome to do so.

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  1. Turn sounds interesting. Always found it odd how little drama has been based on the American revolution.

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