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Return to the Outer Limits

April 1, 2014

OuterLimitAt50As most of you know, I’m a big fan of anthology series and the original Outer Limits is one of my favorites. Vince Rotolo at the B-Moviecast and I have been very gradually going through the entire series. In the latest episode of Vince’s podcast we discuss two more episodes from the first season. These are The Bellero Shield and The Children of Spider County. The Bellero Shield is a classic episode that stars Martin Landau and Sally Kellerman who, most people will easily recognize as Doctor Elizabeth Dehner from the equally classic Star Trek episode Where No Man has Gone Before. The Children of Spider County is not quite so classic but, if you want to hear our full opinion, you can check out episode 284 here. We did two of these so a second episode should follow within a couple of weeks.

Since we are on the topic of The Outer Limits, I thought I would also mention a new book about the series called The Outer Limits at 50 by David Schow. He is the same author who did the outstanding Outer Limits Companion which is tragically out of print at the moment. My wife Diane got me a copy for Valentine’s Day and I’m very much looking forward to reading it. The book is only available through the Creature Features website. The link here will take you directly to the order page for any of those interested in acquiring a copy for themselves.


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