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And another one I missed

April 6, 2014
I couldn't find any promotional images for season 2 of In the Flesh so, I chose this cool picture instead.

I couldn’t find any promotional images for season 2 of In the Flesh so, I chose this cool picture instead.

This makes me two for two now on forgetting a series in my what I’m watching updates. I’m honestly not trying to make this a regular blog feature. This time around it’s even a genre show so I can’t even fall back on the non-genre excuse. On May 10th on BBC America, In the Flesh returns. This is the second season and it’s right up there with Continuum and Orphan Black on my looking forward to it list. The series is set several years after a “zombie apocalypse” with humanity having more or less survived the event referred to as “the rising”. It turns out that there is now a treatment for the dead folks that allows them to return to normal human brain function and, as a result, regular human society. Unfortunately, given human nature, this doesn’t go all that smoothly. The one thing that most impressed me about the first season was that the final episode had a warning about it’s content. This wasn’t for the gore or violence that one would expect, however, but instead it had to do with the extremely dark nature of some of the events in the episode and, as I mentioned in my review it definitely wasn’t out of line. Given that the first season is only three episodes long it is quite easy to catch up as BBC America will most likely repeat the first season some time soon. This is another series that serious genre fans really need to check out.

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  1. Nick 8th definitely checking this out now! We miss you on the podcast. Come bye and a year hi sometime.

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