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April 8, 2014

shadows-justice-broken-napoleans-maxwell-grant-paperback-cover-artMy friend Richard over at Monster Movie Kid has decided to make April the month of The Shadow. As readers of Fantastic Television should be well aware of by now, I’m a big pulp fiction junkie with particular interest in the pulp heroes which were actually called character magazines by the publishers back in the day. If you are unfamiliar with the Shadow, check out Richard’s April 1st posting as it gives an excellent overview of the character’s history. I have personally always viewed the Shadow as the very first super hero. Like Richard, my first exposure to the Shadow was through the old time radio show of the same name. While I gather thatĀ Richard favors the radio version of the character, the pulp magazine version is my preference. In any case, there have been a number of big and a couple of little screen adaptations of the character. Richard will be covering the theatrical stuff over at Monster Movie Kid and I offered to help out Richard by adding two article to my Failure to Launch Line covering these two attempts to bring this crimefighter to tv audiences back in the 50s. These should be arriving shortly.

To tie back into the television medium, I have always been of the impression that Person of Interest was inspired by the Shadow although the far more knowledgable Ron Fortier at Airship 27 thinks that the show is based more upon the other pulp character Secret Agent X. As a side note, you should really check out Airship 27’s website as it has an awesome array of pulp style literature written by modern authors. Regardless of which of us is right (my money would be on Ron, honestly) the pulp heroes inspired by the tremendous success of The Shadow are still having an impact on today’s television.


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