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In the midst of greatness

May 29, 2014

continuum-third-season.21329I have been a genre TV fan for a long time. As a result, from my “vast wealth” of experience I tend to notice things that others tend to miss. One of these is the sudden realization of when you are watching something that will become one of the next great genre TV series. The earliest time I remember this happening to me, although I would say that I wasn’t completely consciously aware of it at the time, was Babylon 5. That series had a number of those moments for me but, the first was the finale for season two when we first see Ambassador Kosh outside of his suit. Since then it has happened a few more times with the two most recent being Battlestar Galactica followed by the British anthology series Black Mirror. The reason I bring this up is that I just had another one of these realizations with the series Continuum whose third season is currently airing on SyFy in America. The episode Waning Minute from a few weeks back brought a major change to the main character of the series, Kiera Cameron, that my wife Diane had predicted last season. It was a great episode and a major shift for the character that will mark an equally large shift for the series as well and, as a side note, was directed by Amanda Tapping who played Samantha Carter on Stargate SG-1 (which I’m still going through on DVD, by the way). This was the moment for me when I understood I was watching what will almost certainly be remembered as one of the greatest TV science fiction stories ever told. By way of example, in the process of writing this article, it suddenly dawned on me that the other main character Alec Sadler’s first name is likely, because of the spelling, to be a reference to the American Legislative Exchange Council. You can type ALEC into Wikipedia for a more detailed description but, the short version is that it is a political organization that, amongst other things, actively promotes legislation to remove government restrictions to corporations. Given the corporate government of Continuum’s future I would strongly suspect that this name similarity is a little more than a coincidence. The series is definitely worth a look and it is especially easy to do so given that the first two seasons are conveniently available on Netflix streaming service. Check it out.


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