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Late to summer

June 7, 2014

I’m expecting some Venusian aikido.

Sorry for the delay in getting this out and in the blog in general. I recently changed jobs so, that has consumed a good amount of my time lately. Now that things seem to be heading back to normal I hope to be less of an absentee blogger. But, no one is here to read about my personal life so let’s get into what I’ll be watching in the coming summer months. I’ll be going back to chronological for the genre stuff and cover the two non-genre shows at the end.

First up is Defiance. This is the second season of this SyFy original with an MMO tie in game. While I found the show entertaining enough it had a kind of slow build that would probably not grab most people right away. I’ll be honest that it’s not in my top ten genre shows at the moment but, I was surprised to find that by the end of the first season my younger son Alex was actually getting into it so, there must be something there as he is an incredibly tough critic. I’ll be sticking with it because it is the same producer who gave us Farscape which also started slow for me but quickly grew into one of my favorite genre shows of all time. The first season of Defiance ended with one hell of a cliff hanger so, it will be interesting to see what direction it takes for season two. Defiance starts on SyFy on June 19th.

Starting on June 22nd we have two returning series. The first is the fourth season of Falling Skies. I’m really not sure what to make of this show. As I think I’ve said here before, alien invasion story lines don’t make a great deal of sense to me given that any race that could build a power source big enough to push a multi-ton vehicle between stars is probably technologically advanced enough to come up with a more energy efficient way to get what they’re after locally. Fortunately, Falling Skies has kind of hinted (granted only once) at a Childhood’s End kind of element that would go a long way to explaining the alien’s motivations for hitting other planets so I’ll keep watching. True Blood also starts on the 22nd with its seventh and final season. This is one series that I watch largely because Diane does and while its had its moments of interest for me I can’t say I’m all that sad to see it go and I almost certainly don’t see a need to own it on DVD.

The summer series that I am most looking forward to is the return of Doctor Who in August. This is the eight series for those keeping track. I have been watching the show for decades now, so those sorts of things are minor details to me. I’m especially looking forward to Peter Capaldi as the Doctor as he is sporting a sort of Jon Pertwee look and Pertwee is pretty much my all time favorite Doctor with Tennant running him a close second. Of course, picking favorite Doctors for me is like arguing over which type of chocolate I prefer because I’ll take them all anyway. The new series starts in August with, as far as I can tell, no specific date given by the BBC yet.

The final two shows I’m going to talk about are non-genre ones so most of you can leave now. They are both entering their second season and Orange is the New Black has already started. This is actually a bad description because, being a Netflix original series, the entire second season arrived yesterday (June 6th). This show follows an individual named Piper Chapman who is serving 15 months in prison after surrendering herself on an old drug related charge. Along with Doctor Who in August, on the 13th, we get the second season of Masters of Sex. I was pleasantly surprised by this as last year it was a fall series. This series is set in the late 50s and follows the careers of sex researchers Dr. William Masters and Virginia Johnson. I started this series on a lark but stuck with it as the series got consistently better with each passing episode.  If you have any interest in either of these series you can check out The Movie Waffler website for my season one reviews of both Orange is the New Black and Masters of Sex.

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