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The Almighty Johnsons

June 28, 2014
The brothers; Olaf (Baldur), Anders (Bragi), Mike (Ullr), Ty (Hod) and Axl (Odin).

The brothers; Olaf (Baldur), Anders (Bragi), Mike (Ullr), Ty (Hod) and Axl (Odin).

While watching the season three finale of Continuum today, I noticed that the SyFy channel has finally announced the premier of The Almighty Johnsons on July 11th. I watched the show when my friend Terry Frost at the Martian Drive-In Podcast recommended it to me. The short version is that the show is about the Norse gods who now reside in New Zealand (they’ve fallen on hard times ever since those uppity Christians showed up). They are now reincarnated, in large part, in the Johnson brothers who are not what one would call the most functional family in the world. The series is a subdued urban fantasy one with a good deal of humor mixed in and is definitely worth a look. Thanks to my multi-region player I was able to conveniently watch seasons one and two on DVD. Inconveniently, season three has not been made available yet so, I’m kind of hoping that seasons one and two which SyFy will be successful enough to allow me to ultimately catch season three. If you want to read a little more than the short version I have reviews of seasons one and two here.


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  1. Thanks for the heads up- I’d never heard of this but now have the DVR set to grab it next month. Sounds very interesting, to say the least.

  2. The character arcs through the three seasons are handled brilliantly, too.

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