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Defiance picks up steam

August 17, 2014
The first WTF? moment for me from season two of Defiance.

The first WTF? moment for me from season two of Defiance.

Just a few quick comments on Defiance that were inspired the most recent episode Painted from Memory. What specifically that got me to write about the episode was the awesome opening. The episode begins with the public return of a character everybody (myself included) had presumed to be dead. The character’s sister and murderess are both in the Need Want (bar/brothel) and as their reactions begin to register the song “What’s Up” by the group 4 Non Blondes (don’t worry, I had to look them up as well) starts playing in the background which features the chorus line “what’s going on?”. This then carries into the title sequence where the song replaces the regular title music. The whole sequence was executed pretty seamlessly and I thought it was pretty slick. I actually found it funny from the perspective that it struck me as flipping around the now common trope, which I’m kind of fed up with, of ending an episode on a song. While I don’t think Stargate: Universe was the first to do it, that show certainly popularized it and, being a SyFy original series as well, I have to wonder if the idea of starting this episode on a song was sort of an inside joke.

Anyway, getting back to Defiance, I have to say that the second season of the show has seen a marked improvement in overall quality. It doesn’t surprise me as the executive producer did Farscape which also built up as it went so, I’m guessing that this is just his style. I had watched the first season without thinking all that highly of it until, towards the end of the first season, my younger son Alex watched an episode with me. Now, Alex is a notoriously tough critic who is far worse than my wife. He liked the episode he saw with me enough to watch the next few during the duration of his visit. So, that definitely made me think that the improvement I thought I saw at the end of the first season was probably more than just my imagination. In any case, the third episode of the second season had the first moment when I realized this show was going places. There was a very brief flashback scene to 3000 years earlier that explained some of the background while at the same time leaving you with even more questions. The increase in quality hasn’t been entirely consistent over the second season but, it is still enough for me to recommend to people who may have initially given this series a pass that they may want to now take a look.

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