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Summer into fall

September 7, 2014
When last we left, these guys are in a world of hurt.

When last we left, these guys were in a world of hurt.

Summer used to be my busiest viewing season of the year with lots of cable original series coming out during that period. As a result, the fall was usually a step down for my TV viewing. This has changed now thanks to the addition of four series to my planned viewing, two network and two not really as I don’t see the CW as a true broadcast network yet. I’m going back to chronological order as I find I need to use this list as an occasional reminder for myself.

Starting with non-genre is Boardwalk Empire’s final season with only eight episodes which starts tonight on HBO. Even though the series seems to be targeted at me individually, I have to admit the fourth season was definitely lacking something. I will still be interested to see how things play out as the final season takes place in 1931 which is the middle of the Great Depression. Swinging back to genre is one of the three shows I’m talking about above in the form of Fox’s Sleepy Hollow which starts on September 22nd. This was one I tried on a lark last year given that every early review I read of the pilot last year was a glowing one. The series didn’t disappoint even though it is covering some of the same territory that Supernatural already has (along with about a zillion other new genre shows this year). Normally I would be worried about this show as it entering its sophomore season but I’m not as concerned as it seems like the cast, crew and writers seem to really have their collective heads around the concept. Going into grey territory we have the fourth season of Person of Interest which some people consider genre. I’m just not one of them. The third season finale was a really dark one so I’m really looking forward to the show’s return on September 23rd on CBS to see where things are heading. Also, on the 23rd is Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on ABC. I have been seeing a lot of little articles about some of the changes for the second season, which I have actually been trying to avoid in all honesty, and I’m curious to see how they work out. I really felt the first season of this series kind of got hamstrung by the story needing to wait for the release of The Winter Soldier to really get going. I guess this would be the point to mention that I’m also looking forward to the Agent Carter series that will occur over the mid-season break of S.H.I.E.L.D. (boy does typing in that acronym get old fast).

Moving to October, the 5th specifically, and back to non-genre is Showtime’s Homeland (or Homeland: The Affair as it seems to be advertised). This is the first season after the resolution of the Brody storyline so, it will be interesting to see how things go. I’ll just say I’m not as pessimistic as a lot of the other series regular viewers seem to be but, then again, I also felt the whole Brody thing lasted one season longer than it actually needed to. Back to genre again, we have Supernatural returning for its 10th season on October 7th on the CW. This show still works for me but I’m a little hesitant about the announced musical episode as Once More with Feeling from Buffy will be an insanely tough act to follow given that it is at the top of my ten favorite genre TV episodes list. On the same night and channel we also have the start of The Flash which I am very much looking forward too, even if I do have to agree with my friend Dennis Zeigler about having trouble reconciling Grant Gustin with the Barry Allen I remember from the comics I read as a kid. Still, I plan to keep an open mind and some of the preview shots I’ve seen have looked pretty awesome. On the 8th on the same channel Arrow returns for its third season. At the risk of sounding like a broken record here, if you are a genre TV fan you really need to be watching this series. Arrow is easily my all-time favorite super hero series to date. I know some people complain quite a bit about the CW’s casting but, Stephen Amell really does look like someone who could kick your ass in a back alley. Also on the same night on FX is the fourth season the anthology series American Horror Story which is subtitle Freak Show this season. For those who are not aware of it, the plans for the fifth season are a grand story line that links all four previous seasons together. I’m genuinely curious to see how this gets handled as even though the setting changes from season to season the cast does not thus, making it hard to have some characters on screen at the same time. This reminds me that I should also probably get around to watching the last half of the first season before then. Sorry, but I totally lost interest about halfway through that one. Finally, October finishes out with the return of AMC’s The Walking Dead for it’s fifth season starting on the 12th. This had an even more amazing cliff hanger ending than Person of Interest so, I’m really pretty enthusiastic to see where things go for our band of zombie apocalypse survivors.

Finally (OK so I kind of lied about the whole chronological thing) there are three series I wanted to mention as genre fans might want check then out, even though I’ll probably only hit two of them myself. The first is Gotham, which premiers on Fox on September 22nd. I’m not planning on checking this one out myself as the subject matter doesn’t interest me and also leaves me wondering how they are going to be able to go anywhere with it but, every early review of it I have seen this far has been even more glowing than those for last year’s Sleepy Hollow. The series concept is the Batman version of Smallville, basically. On October 24th I’ll very likely be checking out Constantine as the previews for this NBC series very much remind me of the Hellblazer comics I read back in the day. So, if I can overcome my inherent prejudice against network programming, I’ll give it a go. Finally, on November 24th, SyFy will be doing a space based SF mini series called Ascension set in an alternate reality aboard a generation ship. This one I will definitely be checking out as I can’t seem to get enough space based genre TV content myself.

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  1. Dennis permalink

    Wow. I’m honored to be mentioned in the blog. I was able to see both the Flash and Gotham pilots at San Diego Comic-con this summer and while I’m a big comic book movie/TV series fan, one of my least favorite supers is Batman. What exactly are his powers and how could he ever actually battle Superman in a real fight?. Guess I’ll have to wait for the movie to see how that goes down. That being said, I was really impressed with the Gotham pilot. Other than the usual liberties with the comic book story line (the lesbian subplot was a bit out of place), it was very well cast, the plot wasn’t bad and the acting was good. The Flash pilot was good but as Nick mentioned, I have a real problem with the kid, that’s right, kid cast as Barry Allen. Where’s the beef for God’s sake?

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