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Why don’t I talk about that show?

October 2, 2014
Another show that you won't see me discuss that often here.

Another show that you won’t see me discuss that often here.

When I started this blog, going on two years ago now, I really didn’t have an overall direction or guiding principle in mind. For those who know me, this is really a big departure from how I normally roll. Having been a board gamer for most of my life, I tend to be more of a planner than not. Or, as I like to put it, my back-up plans generally have back-up plans. Even without an overall scheme, I did have a couple of ideas of things I did and did not want to do. First and foremost, I did not want Fantastic Television to become just a review site. I like talking about all sorts of aspects of genre television so I wanted that echoed here as well. Another thing I wanted to do was cover a lot of the lesser known stuff out there. I run into all kinds of weird genre TV series like Space Patrol Orion or Freakylinks that I hope other fans might be interested in as well. There was only one thing I didn’t want to do and that was cover the insanely popular stuff. My reasoning for this is sort of along the lines of do I really need to add my voice to the chorus of people praising Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead? Probably not, as anyone here is almost certainly already following these shows themselves if they are interested in them. Having said all this, awhile back Eric at The Movie Waffler sent out an email requesting season appropriate content for October and specifically asked for an article that was an overview of season one through four of The Walking Dead. Being a regular contributor to his site and having watched the show from day one, I felt kind of morally obligated to oblige so, here is my article in case anyone wants to see my feelings on one of the most amazing genre shows on TV.


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