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OK, so I blew the call on Firestorm

October 11, 2014
Meet Dr. Martin Stein (aka Victor Garber)

Meet Dr. Martin Stein (aka Victor Garber)

In my previous posting I talked a bit about the introduction of the character Firestorm on the new Flash series. I mentioned that I suspected that they might change his origin given that Firestorm is created by Ronnie Raymond and Dr. Martin Stein physically merging into one being. The reason I thought this was because of the more realistic focus on the super powers presented in the series Arrow. Well, it looks like Flash is going to be a little more on the fantastic side as they are going with the original, and in my opinion classic, version of the character. No problem for me as this was the version of Firestorm that I loved so much as a kid and remains my favorite to this day. I’m just really curious how they’re going to handle the whole merge thing but based on the preview of the next episode I may not have that long a wait as I know who the villain is because he is another classic one from the early issues of Firestorm.

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