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Flu season

January 3, 2015

I wish this pulp magazine really existed.

With what I like to call the “winter” TV season right around the corner, I though it might be time to talk about the shows I’ll be watching starting in January. I’m going to start with the one show that I’m most looking forward to which is Marvel’s Agent Carter. It starts on January 6th with a two hour premier on NBC. What can I say? It’s superheroes and World War II so, I’m probably close to the bulls eye of its target audience. I just hope it lives up to all of the hype. The other new series coming out this winter is 12 Monkeys which is a SyFy original series based upon the 1995 film of the same name. Given that the movie is one of my all-time favorite SF films, I was really on the fence about checking this one out. However, my friend Kevin Bachelder recently saw the first couple of episodes and had some very positive things to say so, I’ll be checking it out after all. 12 Monkeys premiers on January 16th on SyFy. On the same night, season 2 of Helix begins as well. I liked the first season of Helix which started out awesome then kind of lost its way in the middle before ultimately getting back together enough to deliver a solid ending. I’m kind of puzzled by the previews though in that it looks like there is no continuity from the events at the end of season one, to the point that I wondered if the second season was a prequel. Apparently, it’s not. While we’re on the subject of SyFy, does anyone know if they will be showing season 3 of The Almighty Johnsons or do I just have to find a way to order the DVDs directly from New Zealand? I would have sworn I saw a schedule that indicated that they were planning to but, that promptly disappeared. Maybe I just dreamed about it. In any case, for those unfamiliar with the show here are my season one and two reviews.

The remaining three series I’ll be returning to are all non-genre fare that I’ll cover here. The first is the American version of the original British series Shameless. As long time blog readers know this series holds a special place in my heart due to Frank’s uncanny resemblance to one of my in-laws. Season five starts on January 11th on Showtime. I’m looking forward to it quite a bit as the cliffhanger from season four seemed to return a character I liked but who I had assumed was long dead. The Americans is an espionage drama set in the 1980s that my wife got me into. The first season was OK but the second season moved so fast that at the finale I thought we were only about eight episodes into it. That’s some pretty awesome writing. The Americans returns to FX on January 28th. Finally, in case it’s not been made completely apparent yet, sitcoms are really just not my thing. They are more of Diane’s. Having said that that there are a few I like with Fawlty Towers probably being my favorite. Showtime has a series called Episodes that tries to mix British and American humor in one series. While I thought the first season went well, I felt the second kind of shifted more heavily to the American side of things. There was a one year gap between seasons two and three for some reason so, we’re in the process of catching up on season three in anticipation of four which starts on January 11th on Showtime.

Of course, there is also all of the other series returning from their mid-season breaks. For those keeping score at home, these include: American Horror Story: Freakshow, Arrow, The Flash, Person of Interest (which I feel has finally entered genre territory with the most recent season), Sleepy Hollow, Supernatural and The Walking Dead.

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